Horizontal rain in a city of the future

Watershare is a non zero-sum game

Over the last few months we at KWR have given the concept of Watershare® a lot of thought. A dedicated team spent long hours to prepare for the international launch next week in Busan, Korea. Coming up with an original idea to share water knowledge more effectively sounds ok; nobody will oppose the idea. But launching a network organization concept doesn’t arouse much excitement anymore. On the contrary, most people will respond with a slight feeling of mental fatigue. How nice, a network concept! And I bet it’s a “win-win”!

Indeed, and Watershare® does build on the idea of a network organisation. We are building a kind of human toolkit, adding value to the more specific technical tools that we will all bring in. I dare say it will be a “best in class” toolkit and collaboration model for serving the fragmented world of the public utilities. And yes, I believe the end-users will love the concept. Next week we will explain how it works and announce that we have teamed up with two excellent European research organisations as launching partners. Seeing it is believing it. Booth no. 520 at the IWA conference in Busan. I’ll be there, you’re all invited.

Wim van Vierssen