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Chlorine-free distribution of drinking water—healthy, wealthy and wise

Authors: Jan Vreeburg, Gertjan Medema

Stable tap water without chlorine is highly appreciated by customers, as they prefer the taste of it. Use of bottled water in the Netherlands is very low and shows the appreciation of customers for the tap water. The absence of disinfection by-products is an important addition to the concept of ‘Healthy Water’ that water companies communicate with their customers. Healthy water, by definition, doesn’t contain organisms or substances that may cause any illness or physical discomfort to humans, especially to vulnerable people as infants, elderly or immuno-compromised patients. The main goal for the treatment of drinking water is to reach such a level that it complies with this standard for healthy water. The main goal for the distribution is to keep it at this level. In the Netherlands, distribution of tap water without residual disinfectant is common practise for many years now (Smeets et al., 2009), which brings the question up: how to change to chlorine free water.

Poster as pdf: Chlorine-free distribution of drinking water—healthy wealthy and wise