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KWR launches Watershare® during IWA Busan 2012

Making expert water-related knowledge available for the water sector and the public. This is what KWR Watercycle Research Institute intends to do by launching Watershare® during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Busan from September 16 to 21. Governments the world over bear the heavy responsibility of supplying their populations with safe drinking water and treating their sewerage and wastewater appropriately. But the water sectors charged with these tasks tend to be very fragmented. Within Watershare®, knowledge institutes from all over the world share their expertise, experience and networks to promote societies that are healthy and sustainable.

Watershare®’s official launching takes place Tuesday September 18 at the biennial congress & exhibition, hosted by the International Water Association (IWA). The launching will be represented by the elliptical lamp-shade, rising almost 8 meters above the KWR stand: the Watershare® initiative, supported by and arising out of KWR, with its history of forty years of collective knowledge development in the public water sector. “Watershare® offers selected knowledge institutes water-related tools to deal with the increasingly large, complex and often global challenges facing the water sector today”, says Idsart Dijkstra, Division Manager Watershare®. “Think of climate change, water stress, sustainability, environmental protection, urbanisation and infrastructure development.”

Building up a toolbox

One of the Watershare® tools is the Fresh Keeper, a smart solution for the sustainable supply of fresh water in saline environments. Another tool is the City Blueprint, a quick scan that shows cities what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong when it comes to water, so that they can compare their performance with those of other cities and share solutions. Watershare® enables knowledge institutes to better serve their end-user clients – such as water companies, utilities, municipalities and waterboards – so that these, in turn, can effectively meet the water needs of the people of their countries.

Will you join us?

You are more than welcome at Watershare®’s launching during the Happy Hour on Tuesday September 18 from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. at the KWR-stand (nr. 520). For more information, please contact Hans Ruijgers (0031 – 6 218 228 12).