Horizontal rain in a city of the futureNanomaterials and typhoons

Collect and integrate the achieved knowledge

This morning IWA started off with a session on ‘sustainable urban planning and water management in the city of the future’. A timely topic, with a growth in interest. Per-Arne Malmqvist from the Stockholm International Water Institute collected many examples of cities throughout the world on how to deal with water in a sustainable way. Many experiences are gained, but until now not a lot of sharing and interpreting to learn about efficient strategies. The audience agreed on the importance of collecting and integrating the knowledge achieved. Then Kees van Leeuwen presented his work on defining and quantifying cities’ achievements in water by the ‘city blueprint’. This will help push cities further, and improve the quality of the scientific debate. Kees has made city blueprints of 12 cities throughout Europe and Africa, which correlate with indicators such as voluntary participation of citizens, GMP, but also with the ambitions a city has with water. Then, two nice case studies were presented on Australian cities where droughts are very relevant.

A good start for an interesting IWA week!

Annemarie van Wezel