Prescription and illegal drugs in the watercycle

My water “Higgs” is “Resource Efficiency”

Today I held my key-note ” Collaboration in the water sector. Do we need a Higgs particle?” Titles are key and need be catchy, particularly if one is considering the fact that the event took place early in the morning after a great Project Innovation Award dinner last night. I decided to go for “Higgs” since I’m still excited about the Higgs boson story. But also because of the fact that particle physicists have been able to stir up the emotions of the public and the press. Great show from a science field that is deeply understood by only a very few. Jealousy! I tried to imagine what our “Higgs” would look like. Considering the reputation of the sector, well-organized and innovation-minded, taking up the Herculean task to make the world “infinitely” resource efficient over a wider range of environmental compartments should qualify. But for that we need to connect the worlds of scientific excellence, innovation, foresight and applied reseach more effectively. Additionally, we would need to develop financial instruments such as innovative public procurement to get more disruptive ideas and projects in the market place. Talking to my international colleagues and friends from the private sector we agreed that we should at least try to revitalize the Public Private Partnership concept. Disruptive ideas on that issue are welcome!

Wim van Vierssen